"One of the tightest 4-piece bands you'll ever hear"



  • Homelife CD (77 Records A005CD; Japan) Homelife/Want Some Fun/Don’t Follow My Lead/She Said Go/Catalogue Girl/Private Dicks/Green Is In The Red/All I Want Is You/You Want It, You Got It/Stitch ‘Em Up/5 Star Freezing/Forget The Night/Do You Remember?

(This has sold out. Gavin would like to point out to Nobu, if he’s listening, that the band stands ready to tour Japan to support any re-release. He only has to ask - ed.)

  • Live At The Marquee 79 CD (77 Records A007CD; Japan) She Said Go/Want Some Fun/Catalogue Girls/Forget The Night/Don’t Follow My Lead/Incest/Green Is In The Red/You Want It You Got It/Michael/Take Her Home/Do You Remember/Homelife/All I Want Is You/Over And Over

  • She Said Go/Private Dicks -7-inch (Heartbeat PULSE 6 1979) (reissued by 1977 Records, SO27, in Japan in 2002)
  • Don’t Follow My Lead/You Want It You Got It - 7-inch (Heartbeat PULSE 9 1980) (Never actually released).


  • Avon Calling – The Bristol Compilation LP (Heartbeat HB1 1979; ‘Green Is In The Red’. Reissued in October 2005 on Cherry Red, CDMRED292, along with bonus track ‘Don’t Follow My Lead’, and ‘She Said Go’ and ‘Private Dicks’ from the accompanying Heartbeat Singles Collection)
  • Killed By Death 20 · Underground Music (Blank Students, UK, 1979, from Earcom 1 12" compilation) · 
  • Donna Blitzen (V. Babies, UK, 1980, from Sent From Conventry compilation LP) · 
  • Do The Crabwalk (Cads, Canada, 1978, from only 7") · 
  • Manifestation Of Your Sickness (The Tenant, USA, 1979, from 1.7") · 
  • Someday You'll Be The King (MX 80 Sound, USA, 1980, from 2.7") · 
  • Renegade (Genocide, UK, 1978, from Identity Parade compilation LP) · Bored Christine (Deaf Aids, UK, 1980, from 2.7") · 
  • Growin' Up American (Colors, USA, 1980, from only 7") · Tie Me Up (Gizmos, USA, 1978, from 4.7" [Never Mind The Sex Pistols ... EP]) · 
  • What Can I Do? (Fast Cars, UK, 1979, from A Manchester Collection compilation LP) · 
  • Last Chance (End Result, UK, 1981, from Backlash compilation EP) · 
  • Cops Are Punks (Nails, USA, 1977, from 1.7") · Flasher (The Squad, UK, 1978, from Sent From Coventry compilation LP) · 
  • Green Is In The Red (Private Dicks, UK, 1979, from Avon Calling compilation LP) · 
  • Dime Que Me Quieres (Viva! Tequila, Spain, 1980, from only 12") · 
  • No Future UK (Clockwork Criminals, UK, 1982, from only EP) A pretty good LP of previously uncompiled material.