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Gavin's Blog- day 13 (Gig blog)

Posted by webmaster on June 3, 2013 at 8:15 AM



There is an old muso saying: 'Shit rehearsal, good gig'. 

Don't always work. Indeed it's usually the only way to play the next gig. Especially when the rehearsal is really bad. And trust me we did not want to play The Golden Lion last Friday, May 31. It was that bad. 

It had started out badly when Mr Guiver . .. guitar and all round good egg . . .set off at half nine with Mr Alan (Bass Player- Bitten by Monkees) and again, all round good chap . . . and did not get to Bristol due to traffic problems until 2.30.

Very hot, Mr Davies . . . bass and all round lovely chappy . . . even hotter as has been suffering from virusy thingy and not sleeping . . . only coughing . . . and he looks ready to drop . . . of course in the betting stakes he is down to be the first to go so we always have to have the paddles ready just in case. Mr Seabright, drums and all round goodsleeper in skips, is grumpy whilst I am the personification of relaxed. 

Try as we may we can't get into it and bitchin' at each other . . .oh alright I bitch at them. 

So . . . shitty shitty shite shite. 

No. 1 son is down . . . Kahn Johnson, comedian and alll round amazing chap . . . and he is distracting wildly. Forcing the old man out of the door to do a gig that he already knows is going to be a disaster and right on his doorstep too. 

Skinny White and The Goods open. Good front man with excellent voice. Fab drummer and all round Televisionistic sound. 

The crowd is small. Apparently, the sun has driven everyone to the parks and can't be encouraged in. 

Glastonbury's Taranga show great promise and a huge Beatles influence. WTF? These guys are only about twelve. Watch 'em grow. 

11pm and we go on. Suddenly there is a surge from the front of the pub. Thank goodness for that says I. 

It's by in a flash as usual but there is something in it that feels like a performance. Not sure what but we have touched something different here. 

Great buzz after. New song 'Accept' is talked about which is a great sign. 

Owner Andy - see 'Idles' - is well pleased and a frantic few hours of partying takes place. 

See . . . shit rehearsal good gig. 

Works everytime.

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